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Things To Know

Quilting Choices

 I want this to be fun for you and not overwhelming! You have the option of having me make the quilting decisions for you. It all depends on your purpose for the quilt, sometimes "done" is best! 

Backing Fabric Questions

What size should my backing be?

Here's an easy way to remember our requirements: "Four-for-four!"  I require the backing to be  4" larger  ON ALL  FOUR SIDES. For example, if you have a quilt top that is 60" x 80", your backing should measure at least 68" x 88". (Longarmers love wideback fabric!) It can be bigger, but not smaller. Don't stress about this too much. If you have any concerns or questions we can figure them out together. I have several remedies up my sleeves for these emergencies, but extra fees might be incurred, depending on how much extra work is required. 

What can my backing be?

I have experience quilting backings with cotton, flannel,  and minky fabrics. I’ve used pieced backings, wideback fabrics, and combinations of textiles. I'm happy to explore and experiment with you and will accept different backings on a case-by-case basis. Please mention on my “Book a Quilt” form if you are sending anything other than quilting cotton. 

How do I seam this crazy thing?

Generally, it works best if the seams run horizontally (left to right) across your backing fabric. It is easier for the rolling bars to keep those edges smooth and flat laying in that direction. However, I quilt projects all the time that feature Improv or pieced backing fabrics, and they all quilt out just fine! This is a preference, not a requirement.

I encourage you to use the selvedge edges as the sides you sew together. Please trim the woven selvedge off, but feel free to leave them uncut at the top of your backing. They are typically already a straight edge, and that makes loading your quilt much simpler!!!

Please DO indicate if you have a specific directionality in mind for your fabrics. You can add a safety pin and a piece of paper (or washi tape, or pen marking) through to mark the "top" of your quilt flimsy and another marking the "top" of your backing fabric, to ensure that I can easily recognize which direction you want to face upwards on the final quilt sandwich. For clarity, "top" here means the edge of the quilt that would tuck up towards your head and shoulders, the "bottom" would be down at your feet.

Quilt Prep

Woo Hoo! Time to CELEBRATE!!!


Never, never, EVER apologize, worry, or stress that your sewing is imperfect. ALL SEWING IS IMPERFECT. Promise! Seriously, mine is, yours is, it JUST ALWAYS IS!!! Instagram and Photoshop can make us all crazy if we let them. Don’t buy into that illusion or expectation. I will work with you and love to help. Let’s focus on that good stuff!

Square it up, pretty please.


There are excellent tutorials available to give you tips and insights. My favourites  over on YouTube are from Blair Stocker at Wise Craft Handmade and The Crafty Gemini 

In order to load your quilt straight on our longarm frame, I need there to be straight edges across the top of your quilt, and down the sides. When a quilt is left untrimmed or crooked, it can warp the placement of the quilting panto, or prevent the panto from lining up along seam lines properly. 

Press it, press it good!


Try not to “iron” as it can stretch fabrics and seams out. Press your blocks and your seams (with or without steam), and get those little suckers flat! 

Trim those threads.


ESPECIALLY if they are dark fabrics next to lighter fabrics. Nobody wants to see a dark shadow lurking under their pristine white background fabric, left by an errant dark thread! I catch them as I can,  but please keep your eyes peeled too! Team effort, for the win!

Measure that quilt top!

Measure your top accurately in inches. You will need this for the "Book a Quilt" form. 

Other Costs

As mentioned above, batting is not included in the per inch price.

GST will be collected where applicable. 

Making backing                 $15 per seam. this includes pressing backing.
Trimming quilt                   $10 

Return Shipping


Do you need binding help? I don't do hand-binding, but I am able to attach binding to your quilt ready for you to handstitch or I do machine binding with topstitching visible on the front.

Prepare/make binding from yardage. 5c per inch (this is in addition to rates below)

Attach already prepared binding to front of quilt, ready for hand stitching. 15c per inch

Attach already prepared binding to back of quilt and top stitch to front.  23c per inch

Additional fees may be charged for possible snags I run into while working on your quilt.  It could be pleating, trimming excess thread, ironing, etc.  (Don't worry too much about this because you are going to follow my quilt prep guide...right?!)                  $35 per hour.         

How Do I Get My Quilt To You?

Are you local to the Calgary area? If so, then we can arrange door-step pick-up and drop-off in SW Calgary. 

Fill out my form for longarm quilting services.


Need to ship? No problem!

I ship via Canada Post and have a locked community mailbox, so quilts are never left on my doorstep! 


Most of my Canadian clients pay via E-Transfer.

Philippa G Quilts is a kitty friendly and smoke-free environment.

Because my studio is also my home, I am not currently doing in-studio consultations. 

I am happy to chat via email, text, phone or video call to make design choices for your quilt. To start the ball rolling,  please fill out my Book a Quilt Form.


I will happily meet you on my front step for drop-off and pick-up. Mail-in options are available.  

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