I have many digital designs to choose from. Here are some of my favourites, and I have even more on my Pinterest board. If there is a design you have your heart set on, we can discuss other options. I am always building my collection and love trying out new pantographs. 

Panto pricing is 2.5c - 3.5c an inch, as marked.


For example: If your quilt measures 65" x 75", you will be charged for 4,875 square inches of quilting. At 3c and inch, that would be $146.25 (plus GST)

There is a minimum charge of $60 for any quilt you submit.

Please note, all prices are in Canadian dollars.

Here are some modern style storefronts that may give you some ideas.

Urban Elementz

Intelligent Quilting

Dastardly Line

Julie Hirt

Simple - 2.5c 

Standard - 3c

Complex - 3.5c

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